SQL Saturday #64 - Baton Rouge - Presenting on Metadata

I'll be presenting at SQL Saturday #64 in Baton Rouge this Saturday, August 6.  My talk is called "Get a Lever and Pick Any Turtle: Lifting with Metadata".

My talk is all about metadata in SQL Server and using it for useful things like code generation, systems management, managing code quality.  I even use metadata to manage metadata.  I cover the standard INFORMATION_SCHEMA metadata as well as SQL Server's very powerful extended properties.  Hopefully I give a good coverage of the basic techniques as well as some ideas how you can use them to make your life easier by levering database facilities already available.

This particular presentation has also been delivered online at SQL Lunch and in person at the GNO .NET User Group.

I'm excited to be giving my first talk at SQL Saturday, and last year's event was really great.

Hope to see you there!

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